History Of Kunafin

Since 1959, we at Kunafin have been producing and supplying beneficial insects for Biological Integrated Insect Control (BIIC) programs. Kunafin has been a pioneer in the field of BIIC. We began some of the first Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs in the United States and are committed to IPM.

Kunafin is family owned and operated. The insectary was founded by Joe and Frank Junfin. Joe, an entomologist trained in Europe, and Frank, a graduate of Texas A&M in entomology, began by consulting and supplying Trichogramma wasps to farming operations for insect control in field crops. In 1978, the mass rearing facilities for the production of various species of fly parasites was established. Kunafin supplies fly parasites to cattle feedlots, dairy, poultry, horse, hog and kennel operations.

Customer Promise

Kunafin has attained a well-deserved reputation for straight forward representation of BIIC programs. We do not over sell our capabilities and we do not make unrealistic promises. It is important to realize that NO method of insect control is 100% effective, including the use of the most powerful insecticides. BIIC is no exception, but it has proven to be the most COST-EFFECTIVE and the only method that gives consistent, long-term control of pest insects.

It is important to note that the use of Beneficial insects alone is not the complete answer to pest insect control. However, the release of Beneficial insects is the most effective tool when used in association with those that are naturally occurring. Any sound pest management program requires continuous attention to detail and good professional advice.

The Kunafin Philosophy

There will always be a problem. Our challenge is to find the BEST SOLUTION for your particular situation. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you and for you.

Frank and Adele Junfin

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Email: office@kunafin.com

U.S. & Canada : 1-800-832-1113

International: 1-830-757-1181

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