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Fly Parasite Safety

Answering Health & Safety Concerns

We often field questions about the safety of fly parasites and whether or not they can be used around children, adults, animals, etc. We're glad to report that fly parasites are naturally occurring insects that actually promote a healthier environment by helping control flies, which the World Health Organization has repeatedly characterized as the most dangerous insect on Earth because of their tendency to spread disease. Fly parasites are very small insects and only live to destroy flies.

Why Fly Parasites Don't Bother Kids & Pets

Fly Parasites are Only Interested in One Thing!

Fly parasites are host-specific. That means they are only interested in finding fly pupae in which to lay their own eggs, thus killing the pupae and giving rise to the next generation of fly parasites. Too small to actually sting a human, these tiny insects have no interest in human beings or animals of any kind, and while we recommend care around children with the plastic bags and packing material of our incubation pouches, the insects are by nature, harmless to children, pets, and livestock.

Non-Toxic & Bio Secure Fly Parasites

Supporting Clean Operations Worldwide

Kunafin conforms to the rigorous standards in place to protect operations where eggs are provided for the flu vaccine production. Bio security means Kunafin's fly parasites are carefully grown and processed to avoid introduction of new pathogens when they are distributed around the globe.

Whether your operation is as large as a cattle feed lot or as small as a family garden, we'd like to hear your concerns. Please use the feedback form at right or contact us using the form at the upper right of this page or by phone at (800) 832-1113.








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