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Home Experiment 

In addition to providing the Best Beneficial Insects and Consultation, we also wanted to have a little fun.

Try this at Home!

Test the Effects of Pollution on Insects

We know that insects can affect the environment. But how does the environment affect insects?
To test the effect of pollution on insects, try the experiment below.
You will need:

* 20 aquatic insect larvae

* 2 glass or plastic jars, or two small fish bowls

* vegetable oil

* cheesecloth

* rubber bands

* measuring spoon for 2 teaspoons

* fish food

Fill both containers with water until they are half full. Sprinkle a very small amount of fish food into both containers. Place one of the containers aside, and mark it "control". For the other container, use the measuring spoon to pour just enough vegetable oil in to cover the surface of the water. Then place 10 larvae in both containers, and cover the containers with the cheesecloth. Secure the cheesecloth with the rubber bands.

Over the next few days, watch as the larvae pupate and become adults. Do the larvae in one container develop more quickly than the larvae in the other? Are the adults the same size? How many larvae survive to adulthood in each container? Can you notice any difference between the two sets of larvae?




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