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Protecting Your Horses & Horse Operation with Fly Parasites

Using integrated fly management for equine fly control

We love horses and horse people! Whether your are protecting one horse or hundreds, the family farm, or a veteranary facility or racetrack, Kunafin has the most economical and effective Biological Integrated Insect Control solution for your horses. Call toll free 1 (800) 832-1113 now to discuss your options.

Fly Control for Horses - FAQs

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View answer Will fly parasites sting and/or bother the horses and other animals?

No. A fly parasite is a tiny, host-specific, burrowing insect. Her sole purpose in life is to burrow down and lay her eggs inside a fly pupa. She only flies if there are no pupae nearby, and then only as little as possible. She has zero interest in people and animals. More on fly parasite safety…

View answer Are fly parasites safe around people, especially children?

Absolutely! These tiny insects are not interested in people and Kunafin’s rigorous manufacturing process ensures that they are biosecure. More on fly parasite safety…

View answer Will fly parasites eventually overpopulate and become a nuisance insect?

No. Occurring naturally and collected from all over the world, our fly parasites depend on flies to reproduce. Normally, nature keeps flies and parasites in balance. Animals in confined spaces create unnatural reproduction opportunities for the flies so we have to even the odds for the parasites, which spend their lives burrowing for larvae and are so tiny that they are hard to see for the brief time they spend above ground. More on integrated fly management…

View answer I clean my stables of manure every day. How can I use fly parasites?

Cleanliness is a great front-line weapon against flies and fly parasites should be your next line of defense. Flies thrive in small areas around fence-lines, straw bedding, cracks, etc. where trace manure collects. If you have manure stored nearby, you should target these areas as well. More on your need for fly control…

View answer How and where will I release the fly parasites?

Think like a mama fly. Target fence lines, manure piles, by water troughs... and any other place where you see manure. It’s as easy as scattering birdseed. See detailed instructions in our customers-only section…

View answer If my neighbor doesn't do it, is it still going to work?

Yes. Flies will tend to reproduce in that area to breed, just as your neighbor's flies will tend to reproduce in their area. This is different from fly migration, which also takes place. Consult with a pro…

View answer Will this type of fly parasite program work on a racetrack?

Yes. Kunafin will provide you the best program for your particular situation. Contact your Kunafin Consultant. If you are using Kunafin for your stable but seeing flies at the track, please share this site or give your track manager our number. Consult with a staff entomologist…

View answer I’m a veterinarian. Will this fly control program work on a veterinary facility?

Yes. Even your best manure management tends to leave remnants around problem areas like fence lines, straw bedding, cracks, etc. where flies can reproduce. Sometimes, manure storage is also on site. Fly parasites are perfect for targeting problem areas and complimenting careful manure management. Consult with a staff entomologist…

View answer What type of flies do fly parasites kill?

Fly parasites kill all types of flies, including horse flies, house flies, stable flies, horn flies, etc. More on types of flies…

View answer Will my internal spray system kill the fly parasites?

Not necessarily. Remember that fly parasites are diggers, so stay deep in the soil. Your spray system another tool you can use in an integrated program. Fly parasites allow you to limit your spray system usage and save you money and exposure for your animals. More on Biological Integrated Insect Management Programs …

View answer How many parasites do I need to cover my area?

Every operation is different. While we will be publishing general guidelines on this site, it's always best to talk directly with your Kunafin consultant. Request a free needs assessment.

View answer How often do you recommend fly parasite shipments?

As a rule, we ship weekly on the same schedule you will distribute the fly parasites, which is determined by the life-cycle of the fly. However, there are valid reasons to ship weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on your situation. Please contact your Kunafin consultant for a free assessment.

View answer How is Kunafin better than the competition?

First, a quart of fly parasites is different than a cup! Second, our team collects and raises fly parasite species from regions worldwide so you always have fly parasites that are adapted to your local conditions. More on the Kunafin difference…

View answer Do you take credit cards?

Yes. In fact, we can keep your card on file and automatically bill you monthly for your fly parasites. Contact your Kunafin Consultant...

View answer Can I still use chemicals once I start with fly parasites?

Yes. A total fly management program is always more effective than any one-shot approach. Contact your Kunafin consultant about the best overall strategy for your operation.

View answer What if I have a problem?

Kunafin has entomologists on staff to review your particular situation. Please contact your Kunafin consultant or call toll free (800) 832-1113 so we can troubleshoot your problem together!

View answer How long should I use fly parasites?

You should use fly parasites throughout every fly season, which varies by region. As a rule, fly parasites become active when flies become active and go dormant for the winter at the same time as the flies. Customers, please check your region in the customers-only section.




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