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What is it that makes Kunafin Different?

Making the Right Choice for Biological Integrated Insect Control

1. 1 Cup v. 1 Quart - More & Better Parasites: Kunafin uses and advocates the use of more numbers of the correct mix of fly parasites and have worked very hard to make this feasible to you by giving the best prices for the most numbers. Some providers offer you free shipments, down the road. Kunafin would rather give you your freebies up front and put more fly parasites in every bag!

2. Buy from the Source and Save: Kunafin can offer the best value in Fly Parasites because we personally harvest fly parasites and mass produce them in our huge insectiary. You save because there is no middle man.

3. Kunafin advocates BIICM: Since 1959, Kunafin has been your best source for your ideal Biological Integrated Insect Control Program.

4. Staff Entomologists: Call (800) 832-1113 for a FREE consultation with a staff entomologist.

5. Weekly releases versus any other regime: With the life cycle of the fly being approximately 7-10 days from egg to adult, going for lengthy periods without releasing fly parasites, only allows the emergence of more flies and thus increased problems and increased use of fly bait due to more adults. Good healthy adult flies can live up to 30 days.

6. Consulting/Education: It's all about you! Kunafin works with you, keeping in mind:

  • Economics
  • Your expectations
  • Your particular situation
  • Your history

7. Service: We are willing to actually service you in the states where we presently have representatives. Where we do not, we do periodic consultation either in person or by phone and have a 24-hour phone number available to you. 1 (800) 832-1113

8. Superior Product: Kunafin does year-round collections of fly parasites throughout the U.S. to bring back to the insectary and upgrade our stock. We work very closely with our USDA University Professors mass rearing species they are collecting.

6. Reputation: The reputation and foundation of Kunafin is built on satisfied customers and repeat business year after year. If you do one man a good job he will tell other people. If you don't... your finished!

7. We spend a lot of time talking about this subject: It's relatively new. It's different. We're not after a fast sell! The people we work for are ready and feel confident Kunafin will be the people they want to make a biological integrated fly control program work for them!

Let Us Work for You

Experience the Kunafin Difference

All we ask is a chance to work with you and for you to create the BEST, MOST ECONOMICAL AND LONG-TERM BIOLOGICAL FLY CONTROL PROGRAM for your needs.

As producers of the most important enemy of the fly, FLY Kunafin continues to improve in production, supplying numbers and service second to none.

Managing Chemical Use for Best Fly Control

Selective Spraying is Part of a Biological Integrated Insect Control Program  

Kunafin brings producers and consumers together by discussing the pros and cons of spraying animals and feed versus targeting the ideal areas for eliminating flies, helping producers continue to produce safe products while demonstrating a proactive attitude toward total Biological Integrated Fly Management Program for your operation.

Kunafin was not founded to sell just a bag of bugs!!! We make sure you get the most for your dollar providing:

  • Weekly shipments of fly parasites; quality and quantity second to none, direct from our Insectary, for a first and foremost line of defense against fly emergence.
  • Tools such as baits, traps and residual wall sprays are additional products needed to maintain a total Biological Integrated Fly Management Program. It is important that you purchase these products (tools) from us or your local vendor to compliment this program.
  • Entomologist on staff to help you with advice of the latest and greatest tools that compliment your program.
  • Demonstration and training to make sure your staff understands the best procedures to implement your complete program.
  • Documentation-We keep your file indicating you are proactive on a total biological integrated fly management program using all the approved tools which will hold up at any hearing and sometimes with disgruntled neighbors.
  • Ultimately showing anyone that your operation uses very limited insecticides only on building wall surfaces, isolated baiting, not spraying or very limited chemical use on cattle or feed or in pens, grounds, therefore no or very minute chemical runoff from your facility can exist.

It's All About Cost Of Kill

The Kunafin program is the most cost effective Biological Integrated Fly Management Program for your operation. Kunafin is looking forward to working with you in the near future.

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