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Protecting Your Poultry Investments with Fly Parasites

Using integrated fly management for poultry fly control

With today's price competition, you can't afford fly-pestered hens lagging in production. Kunafin has tailored its Biological Integrated Insect Control Program to protect millions of chickens worldwide.

  • egg layers - tiered cages, conveyor systems, and no-cage layouts, cross/wind-tunnel ventilation, etc.
  • hatcheries - feed-only and free-range
  • broiler operations - conventional and organic

Your Kunafin consultant has the inside information and experience to help you protect your investment. Please use the form or call toll free 1 (800) 832-1113 today to discuss your options.

Fly Control for Poultry operations - FAQs

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  • egg layers - tiered cages
  • egg layers - conveyor systems
  • egg layeres - no-cage layouts
  • hatcheries
  • broiler operations

For your convenience, questions that cross categories are included on each industry-specific list.

Fly Control for Egg Layers - Tiered Cages

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