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"We have virtually no flies at our site. Before we started this you couldn't walk through here without stirring up flies. They were everywhere." - Stephen Hunter, production manager for Texas Organic Products

"We haven't sprayed for flies in 10 years!" - Van York, Lubbock Feeders LLC (50,000 head)

"When I toured the Kunafin Insectary, I was surprised at how large the insectary is. It is as large or larger than most manufacturing plants." - Bob Strong

"Our customers asked, 'Where are the flies?'"  -Leon Miller, Alta Verde Industries

"They are safe to use.  There is no harm to cattle or people... time goes by and you release more wasps, you will see control in a lot real fast."  -Craig Clyburn, operations manager for Palo Duro Feeders and Texas Beef Producers

"Everybody used to habitually carry a fly swatter in our office building.  You always had one or two flies in your office and now we seldom have to worry about it."  - Chip Newell, manager of Hitch Feedyard

"It's very evident that there are fewer flies around now that we use the wasps." - Wes Bonner, Veribest Cattle Feeders, Inc.

"I haven't seen a fly in here for two months."  - Craig Flanders, Horse barn manager for Fiesta Texas theme park in San Antonio, Texas

"Wasps are miracle workers on our ranch."  - Kay Cunningham, owner of a cow ranch near Quemado, TX





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